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  1. UberDog 4d 2h ago


  2. Huesin Moderator 5d 21h ago

    Quote by UberDogSorry just trying to drive some life into this site. As of late I have witnessed on many occasions new members posting in the SB about being new here to this site and they haven gotten totally ignored by all in the SB. What I find a bit disturbing is that the SB was almost totally full of staff. Is it not part of the responsibility of staff to welcome new members to the community or have I missed something. Not trying to make a stink but how can the site become more active if we don't even welcome new members or worse ignore them outright. I will refrain from any more attempts to try to help make the site more active. Sorry for any issue or inconvenience my actions may have caused. Have a Wonderful Day.

    Refrain from doing what? And why are you apologizing? There's no need to be on the defensive, man :/ I just found weird that you suddenly started reviving threads, like a spam necromancer or something.

    Who knows, probably you've missed a lot of things. The rules have changed already, and right now the only responsibility of the staff is to prevent silly fights between members ;) and also keep the site running. MT is dying, so I don't see anything wrong in mods talking in the sb. Mods are the same as regular members, so..
    Anyway, thanks Uber, you too have a Wonderful Day.

  3. Huesin Moderator 5d 23h ago

    Bro, I know MT is dying, and you're probably bored as hell... but don't spam the Introductions Forum, please :/

  4. HatedAngel Moderator 3wk 1d ago

    Quote by UberDog http://i.memecaptain.com/gend_images/Bt0NqQ.jpg

    Congrats on your promotion.

    ...I shall now infiltrate your Pengu Army...he he he.


    Well treat doguin like our own no matter how weird they are in the face <3

  5. HatedAngel Moderator 4wk 4d ago

    Quote by UberDog

    Quote by HatedAngel Here's how its done.
    Click this link twice;

    The two powers you got are the powers you'd have if you were a superhero!
    Bonus points if you come up with a superhero name and origin story. Feel free to try/post multiple times
    (just let other people post before doing so)
    Feel free to make it serious or 100% ridiculous.
    If you have any questions just ask

    merged: 05-22-2017 ~ 01:43pm

    To start us off here's what I got;
    Pipe manipulation and Curing.
    Oh dear I'd be the most underestimated superhero in the legion.

    Superhero name: The Plumber
    "User can create, shape and manipulate pipes, shaping and combining them as needed, or moving them with telekinesis."
    "The user can remove various conditions from themselves or others, returning to the original, unmodified state and/or gain a pure condition free from all outside conditions. This is a variation of healing that restores their normal condition by removing any form of illness, diseases, mutation, obtained powers or skills or behavioral shifts which are caused by spells, hypnosis and mind control"

    Origin story: I got bit by a radioactive plumber

    After reading this I am now extremely afraid to go to the bathroom. >.<


    For the love of all things sane why did it have to be pipes?!?!?

    Beware the Plumber

  6. angelxxuan 6wk 2d ago


  7. Huesin Moderator 6wk 4d ago

    Quote by UberDogCould you please be more specific as to what was said. I am not trying to be a smart arse or anything. I was away for a few days and have come back to this. Please inform me as to the issue at hand.

    Hooyaah was fast to question me about the message I left on your GB. Don't worry about it, I'm gonna answer that in the thread I've created in the OT forums.

  8. HatedAngel Moderator 6wk 6d ago

    Quote by UberDog

    Quote by HatedAngel

    Quote by UberDog Congrats on your new digs Miss HatedAngel !

    May you feel the Teal !


    Why thank you uber :D
    (I almost thought you said tea and interpreted it as you chucking tea at me)

    You know I would never through TEA at you...Penguins maybe but never tea. =>.<=

    just be gentle with the penguins -3-

  9. HatedAngel Moderator 6wk 6d ago

    Quote by UberDog Congrats on your new digs Miss HatedAngel !

    May you feel the Teal !


    Why thank you uber :D
    (I almost thought you said tea and interpreted it as you chucking tea at me)

  10. Huesin Moderator 7wk 2d ago

    Watch out with the political comments, Uber. Minitokyo is not 4chan, Reddit or any of those BS sites where you can say whatever you want.

  11. angelxxuan 8wk 4d ago

    Quote by UberDog http://cdn.movieweb.com/img.news.tops/NE1C0yrmLgMm45_2_b.jpg


  12. angelxxuan 16wk 3d ago

    Quote by UberDog http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/oproleplaying/images/5/5e/Tumblr_nre2fo5NOT1s9bwrpo1_500.gif/revision/latest?cb=20151122155444



    even the cat god gets it


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