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  1. myri-chan 2wk 0d ago

    Quote by UberDoghttp://derpicdn.net/img/2016/6/27/1188268/thumb.gif

    Forgive me if I withhold my enthusiasm dear Vinyl but thou do not sayest hello? Art thou angry at us ?

  2. kuchukuTulip 2wk 2d ago

    Have nice day/evening/night

  3. kuchukuTulip 5wk 5d ago

    Eid Mubarak! :D

  4. kuchukuTulip 6wk 0d ago

    Quote by UberDog
    Right ! =^.^=


    Best of luck :)

  5. kuchukuTulip 6wk 0d ago

    Quote by UberDog
    I am the same...things could be better but the future is look bright....I hope. >.<

    It will be! Just hang in there :)

  6. kuchukuTulip 6wk 1d ago

    Quote by UberDog
    Howdy there Miss Tulip !
    How's things going on in your life?
    One thing I do know is that you always seem to be in a very chipper and happy mood. =^.^=
    This is a Wonderful gift you possess.
    Never loose it.

    Later Daze.


    Things are on the okay-ish side. But it will become better. :)
    Ah thanks. :) Really makes me happy to be pinkie pie approved >w>
    Hope things are great on your side. ^^

  7. kuchukuTulip 6wk 2d ago

    Hello ^^/

  8. Monu-chan Elite Member 12wk 1d ago

    Quote by UberDog Congrats Monu-chan on your "Tealness" ! *Salutes*

    Rock on !


    Thank you very much sir! *salutes back*

  9. xangel0 Moderator 13wk 0d ago

    Quote by UberDog Happy Un-Birthday to you ! >.<


  10. pandemonium91 Retired Moderator 13wk 3d ago

    Quote by UberDog *Presents you with a Gold Watch and a Placard*

    May your retirement be filled with fun and good cheer. =^.^=

    P.S. - Be careful when using your walker on rugs and gravel.

    Why thank you, Lord Doggins of Waffleton.

    Pls, I'm the grumpy and cranky type of retired. I nearly fell down the stairs yesterday, all those curses must be catching up to me.

    But seriously, thanks man. Good life to you too, wherever it takes you.

  11. Hooyaah 17wk 5d ago

    Give my regards to those who, as you, are truly worth the effort. You know, in your wisdom, who they are.

  12. superkabog 19wk 1d ago

    Quote by UberDog

    Quote by superkabog

    Quote by UberDog Are you just posting to yourself in your own guestbook? >.<

    Well it sure looks like you are having fun anyway.

    Woof! =^.^=[/quo

    yup! hehehe!
    and guest wut?
    you ruin it.

    I am sorry if I made a mess of your fun postings. It was truly not my intent.
    Here take this Waffle and accept my apology.

    i don't like waffle. *smirk*
    I want a puppy...ummn st. bernard. :p